Instagram Stories: Best practices and inspiration to engage your followers

Instagram Stories is a feature on Instagram that lets users share short videos that disappear after 24 hours. As of July 2017, Instagram Stories had 200 million monthly active users, and according to research firm eMarketer, it is expected to grow to 300 million by the end of this year.

So whether you’re a brand new Instagram user or you’ve been using the platform for a while, now is the time to start thinking about what stories you want to share and how best to engage your followers.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some best practices for creating Instagram Stories as well as providing some inspiration for content that will engage your followers. So whether you’re looking to get started with Instagram Stories or just want to improve your current strategy, read on!

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is a new feature on Instagram that lets you share short, interactive videos with your followers. You can create stories that are up to 10 minutes long, and they’ll appear in your Stories section instead of your regular timeline.

There are a lot of great things about Instagram Stories that make it an ideal way to communicate with your followers. For example, Stories are quick and easy to create, so you can get your message out there quickly. And because they’re short, Stories are perfect for those times when you don’t have a lot of time to write a full article or post.

Here are some tips for using Instagram Stories to engage and influence your followers:

-Start with a catchy headline: What’s the best way to capture someone’s attention on Instagram? One way is to use headlines that are interesting and capturing. When you create a story, be sure to use a catchy headline that will get people curious about what you’re going to share. This will help you attract more followers who might want to see what you’ve got cooking.

How to create an Instagram Story

Instagram Stories are a great way to engage your followers and show them what you’re up to.

Here are some best practices for creating an Instagram Story:

1. choose a topic that interests you or your followers.

2. be creative and engaging.

3. make sure your story is well-structured and engaging.

4. be sure to add a caption that helps explain your story.

5. schedule your story ahead of time to make sure it pops.

Best practices for creating engaging Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Best practices and inspiration to engage your followers

There’s a lot you can do with Instagram Stories, and if you’re not using them yet, now is the time to get started. Here are some tips for creating the best Stories possible:

1. Make sure your Stories are easily searchable. Give your followers a good way to find your Stories by including the hashtag #stories on all your posts, as well as including the story name in the caption. This way, they can easily glance through all of your posts to see what’s new.

2. Be consistent with your Story content. Make sure that each Story features a differentiator that will make it interesting and unique. If you post the same thing every day, your followers will start to get bored and move on.

3. Be creative with your camera angles and lighting. Oftentimes, simple changes to your camera settings can produce amazing results that really stand out from the crowd. Experiment with different lens sizes and depths of field to see what looks best for your photos.

4. Use interesting location shots and 360-degree videos when possible. When people follow you for stories, they want to see something new and exciting every time.

What are the best practices for creating stories on Instagram?

As Instagram continues to grow in popularity, more and more businesses are beginning to invest in creating Stories on the platform. If you’re not already using Stories to communicate with your followers, it’s time to start! Stories are a great way to entertain and engage your followers, while also letting them know what’s happening behind the scenes at your business.

Here are some best practices for creating Stories that will engage your followers:

1. Use pics and videos that reflect your brand. Make sure all of the content you share on Stories reflects the tone and personality of your business. For example, if you have a fun, lighthearted brand, make sure all of your Story content is like that. If you have a more serious business, don’t share too much humor or frivolous content. Stick to what makes your brand unique.

2. Keep things interesting. Stories should be entertaining and engaging for both you and your followers. If it feels like it’s dragging on too long or isn’t providing enough value, people will get bored and unsubscribe. Try to keep things moving by including pics and videos that are relevant to your audience and topical issues of the moment.

How to engage your followers with Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a great way to keep your followers engaged and up to date on your latest activities.

Here are some best practices and inspirations to engage your followers with Instagram Stories:

-Start with a question: Use stories to ask your followers questions, give updates on your progress, or just connect with them on a more personal level.

-Make use of emojis: Use emojis in your stories to add fun and excitement. For example, use a happy face when you’re having fun, or use an angry face when you’re feeling frustrated.

-Use location markers: Share photos of yourself at interesting locations or moments. This will help followers learn more about you and connect with you on a more personal level.

-Keep it short: Keep your stories under two minutes long so that followers have time to read the entire story without feeling overwhelmed. This way, you’ll also stay more engaged with them.

What are some tips for engaging your followers with your stories?

If you’re new to Instagram Stories, or just getting started, there are a few things you can do to ensure your followers are watching and liking your stories.

Here are five tips to get the most out of your Stories:

1. Stick to a Theme
Creating a consistent theme for your Stories helps tie everything together and makes it easier for followers to follow along. This can be anything from specific locations or occasions to favorite products or activities.

2. Use Polls and Questions
Stories with polls and questions give followers a chance to participate and give feedback. This can help you learn more about what people in your audience want and need, and it also gives you an opportunity to generate discussion around topics that interest you.

3. Keep It Short and Sweet
Stories that are less than 2 minutes long are typically seen as more interesting by Instagram users, so make sure you’re using all of your screen space wisely! You could also consider using GIFs or videos instead of text-only posts, which can be more engaging.

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